This Week in SorgCasts: Hellraiser!

Sometimes, In a rare instance, I’m pleased to look at what we’re building at and realize that, on the fornt page, it looks like an honest to goodness “content network”.  We have so many irons in the fire right now, and it’s only going to grow.
SM Special: Doug Bradley Interview
This was fun.  finally, the Toonseum footage was unveiled.  Mulango really did a good job for not really ever seeing Hellraiser.  And we did get a tip from one of the other patrons of the night to ask about the new Hellraiser.  Mulango went into Football, and his disdain for it, soccor, and a little bit of what he’s working on.

Proof of the awesome stuff that can happen just for getting off the couch.

My only hangup with the interview was that Doug was a little slow and methodical to his answering.  Nothing to bad, but I stretched for ways to keep it a little peppier.  It’s a great interview either way.

AwesomeCast 41: Naughty Droid

I’m still on the couch.  Along this time.  The fun part of this episode was Chachi happening to still be on call for his IT day job.  A problem since he was running the switcher.  Awkward, but one of those “realism” spots to a live to tape Podcast like I like to run.

Mulango came back, which is always welcome.  We’re working on some promotional stuff with him, and as always, his comic now at

Wrestling Mayhem Show 260: They Call Him Boom Boom

Jake Garrett is an independent wrestler from the area that I see socializing everywhere I work these days.  Didn’t matter how awesome or less than awesome of a promotion I thought it was, he was there.  I’ve engaged in some good conversation about said indy scene for a while now, and when doing so probably around January, I stopped mid conversation and said “why the hell aren’t we having this talk on the show?  To which I made sure to note to myself to schedule him for a future shot.  He was real great to have a frank discussion, without the hate that some workers seem to steam of, about the indies and even the big television.  Jake was great enough to hang out with us going through the news of the week after our getting to know him session, and we made sure to give him a chance to plug his

Chachi Says 25: It’s a Scary World Out There…

Chachi made an episode out of one tweet, and the causing situation, out of his endeavor to play 1,001 games via his blog (which has just been revamped and moved at  The man has become a machine in blogging.  I’m still trying to find my ultimate muse on this one that he seems to make look easy with his gaming obsessions.

Music Funtime Show 36

Part laziness.  Part busyness.  All because I really dug most of this new Noncents Vol. 17 album at Scrub Club Records.  

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