Things I Learned from Meeting-pa-looza

What a great day of…meetings?  In my transitions to a part time freelancer, I’ve managed to carve out a whole day every week for exploring these expanding options before me and build up some clientele.  Today, I was fortune enough to align that day with Chachi’s Proclamation (more on that later) and managed to hit up every standing “we have to meet” message I’ve received recently into one nice, Chai Tea Latte wrapped, package.  And these were some of the things that struck me on the drive home from my last of these.
  • Bringing an iPad to a meeting means you will talk about the iPad. To keep light on the travel since I was going to be bouncing around downtown, I’ve converted to bringing my iPad along instead of my bulkier 15″ laptop.  Of course, I do this on the day they announce new iPads.  But still, it’s a curiosity.  The commercials are everywhere.  The variety of tablets coming out claiming to edge into the iPad’s market.  It’s tablet fever out there man!  Thankfully, some of the conversation was around digital distribution, so it was a nice sample platform to show off.
  • Repetition.  In all three of my meetups, I had some very similar conversations about social media and content development.  And I certainly was not bored reiterating those points.  It’s just interesting to see friends’ Twitter feeds fearing meetings and to have a packed day like this that can have not one meeting I fretted, even though all were about future or expanding projects.  And some of it was a great practice for my upcoming Twitter teaching session coming up this week.
  • Starbucks.  It is everywhere.  And a quick go to.  That’s why they win.  I wanted to go to a Crazy Mocha so bad.  But it wasn’t open to 11 in Greentree, or around the corner from my potential client’s office in Market Square.  It’s like Facebook.  You don’t really enjoy the process, but you go make a presence there because everyone is already hanging around it.  When you put one every three blocks, or every outlying borough in the ‘burbs, you get a day like this that earned me a Barista badge on Foursquare.
  • I love downtown. And I miss it.  I love these days that give me an excuse to venture down there.  Maybe not daily, but it’s great to get down there and be a “townie”

What sort of meetings are you having?

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