(These last couple of weeks) in SorgCasts: What I did before vacation…

I’m back from vacation.  A very solitary vacation couped up in the house.  A beach of my couch and scores of Netflix and Hulu shows to catch up on when I wasn’t running around with last minute appointments and car fixing errands.  Better luck with vacation next time, right?

Of course this meant there was no New York Comic Con content to speak of since we hardly left the county, let alone the state.  But hopefully next year, we’ll be able to follow through on our plans and get up there.  In the meantime, we’re looking at other such events to put out there in the near future.
Chachi Says 4: The Problem With Pants
This was the culmination of the Podcamp Pittsburgh 5 experiment previewed back on AwesomeCast 17 when we invited the audience to film an impromptu, live version of his vidcast.  We found ourselves with about six different angles passed along (plus one flipCam I couldn’t convert off the share site).  I know there were plenty that also shot this that didn’t pass along footage, but that’s ok.  Six angles kept me plenty busy in Final Cut keeping them straight, lip synced, and juggling formats from pocket cams, iPhones, and Rob’s insanely detailed HD shooting still cam.  It came together nicely, and was entertaining to see Chachi do his schtick with a live audience chiming in.
AwesomeCast 19: AwesomeLab
This show saw us bringing in Mike Woycheck of the AlphaLab.  We’ve already talked to Nick Pinkston of CloudFab, and Spike Katora of VivoLive, two products of the tech incubator, so it was great to get Mike in to talk about the group from the source.  AlphaLab is a great program I’ve been a fan of for a while, and have had the pleasure to meet a lot of people that have been through the program with nothing but positive things to say.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 238: Wrestlefan is on Acid
This was another fun, barebones, episode.  I was really impressed with WrestleFan’s “They” revelation from the Abyss/TNA Wrestling angle.  Some may not know, but this kid’s 17, and just joining up his school’s Media class this year.  He really seems to take to the show production and discussion.  I hope to see him take it somewhere as he moves on to college and such.
Music Funtime Show 20: Kottonmouth Kings
FINALLY!  It took far too long to get this one up.  I had a lot of fun talking with the guys, as always.  It felt a tad rushed since I knew the guys were about to go on stage.  (They head out right after we talked, actually).  I had some fun mixing one of their tracks with a portion of the live footage I took during the show.  I was ecstatic to discover how great my camera worked in that lighting atmosphere, and made the Rex look huge in comparison to how it feels in person.  This was my first shoot at a show like this with my Panasonic DVX-100B.
AwesomeCast 20: The Social Coffee Shop
Since I was determined to not do a regular Tuesday show to have a “full week” of vacation ahead of me for once, the timing was perfect to coincide with the opening of The Social Network.  I had been buzzing the idea of doing a post watch roundtable, originally thought to be independent of any of the shows, with the area’s social media peeps.  This couldn’t have worked out better.  Mulango and Chachi joined us to watch the show (for some of use for the second time) and had a great conversation afterwards at the local Caribou Coffee, who were nice enough to let us do our weird shoot in the corner of their shop.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 239: What Really Happened at Hell in a Cell
It was a weird, shorter show.  Will (aka DJlunchbox) joined me to talk the news of that week so far, and some “results” of that very night’s Hell in a Cell, which hadn’t happened yet.  It was fine for a fill in show, but I can’t wait to get back to the old way of doing things.
Chachi Says 5: Zombies Imminent
Chachi ventures into two topics dear to his heart.  Boobs and Zombies.  He’s venturing into helping with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in his own little way, and warning the world about the coming Zombie Apocalypse.  He’s prepared a series on this topic, of sorts, and I think people are going to have fun with it.

This week, it’s back to the grindstone, and the normal schedule!  Lets get to it!

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