The Tale of Threee ‘Marts

So, this Saturday, I was awoken from a well needed Saturday morning sleep in (I love those), and was informed that wifey had a dream. A dream that she completed all of her Christmas shopping that very day. A good three weekends before Christmas. Well before we usually even start. We went to Target, which is a rarity.


I’m the least familiar with this chain, being the nearest is about 30 miles from my home town. It definitely has a different layout, and the red motif is very strong. What was surprising was the layout of the electronics with the books and DVDs/PC Games grouped together. The store just felt more labyrinthine and sectionized than anything I’d seen aside from a Sears. The weird part is all the red. Certainly not the most welcoming color to splash everywhere.

After a bout with Saturday’s short snow storm that destroyed a Pittsburgher’s ability to drive. ( now rank West Mifflin/51 area to be the worst to try to drive through in the snow in my last couple week’s experience out there.) But, of course, I was bamboozled by the wife. And we ended up briefly at the mall, and then…


I hate K-Mart. K-Marts are dirty and unorganized. They just feel like a space where they threw shelves and stuff to buy and have at it. The Electronics department is rediculous, with just stacks of games under a case in unorganized fashion.

Fact: I have never been in attendance for one of these so called “blue light specials”. I think they’re proof of an old, failed concept.

Wal Mart

A lot of people hate the place. It treats it’s workers like crap. It undercuts and drives out other businesses. Welcome to capitalism.

And it’s king. And there’s a reason why. Even in the none “Super” store in Bridgeville, it feels spacious, clean, and I know where everything is. It doesn’t feel like the bathrooms are in a scary, long forgotten corner of the store. Stocks are plentiful. I can check my own ass out so I’m not waiting for them to find the damn UPC label that’s staring me in the face.

So, after vowing that I was going to “cut back” on my Christmas shopping experiences. Now I’ve been to the mall at least 5 times since the beginning of November, did a round early Black Friday, been to Walmart quite a few times, and still don’t have my damn tree up.

*sigh* Merry Shopmas…

2 thoughts on “The Tale of Threee ‘Marts

  1. This stinks. Blue Light Specials Ended in 1991! You’re complaining that they don’t have something they haven’t for 27 years! And Target has a great color pattern. WalMart is the worst because they pay the worst, and have the highest profit margin! Kmarts are dirty though!

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