The Sorgcation Experiment

The Sorgcation goes well.

Oh wait.  Maybe you don’t know what that is.  A Sorgcation, after all.  Especially since I came up with the term just a few short weeks ago when I labeled my vacation time as such in the company calendar.

But the biggest rage these days is the “staycation”.  The idea of not really traveling to get away.  To stick around and explore your surroundings.  Dammit, I pioneered this concept last year when I decided to take my brother along to the sights around Pittsburgh he never had a chance to see, like the Heinz History Center.

So this year, due to the economically tough times, and lack of available significant other to do something…significant, I sought to escape to the homestead, which of course, “back to the farm” seems more appropriate due to the goats, chickens, and sheep on the property.  So I’ve been taking it easy.  Letting the farm animals curb my want to visit Deer Park the other side of town.  Eating fresh eggs and vegetables from the garden.  Getting reacquainted with normal television and the frustrations that go with it. If I’m lucky, I might finish a Zelda game

Dad at his first ball game #erieseawolves on

Erie Seawolves GameToday, I had a chance to head up to Erie, PA to see an Erie Seawolves game.  That John Uht Field is a nice place.  Walked up and for $10 a piece, we had front row seats right behind home plate.  Can’t beat that.  And these guys were coming off a four game winning streak.  This was my dad’s first ever professional sporting event, it seems.  I was in a bit of shock when he told me that when I first brought up the prospect.  So sitting there having foul balls sailing at the net inches in front of use the whole night was a nice first experience, I’m sure.  He seemed to enjoy it.

After Dad’s first baseball game on

So for the rest of the weekend, I look forward to watching some movies, and hitting some old eateries I’ve neglected, like the original Quaker Steak and Wings.

But most importantly, I haven’t had to think about the weight of my day job, and most of my extracurricular projects and clients, for almost an entire week.  So lets see if this is a longer positive effect than last year.

Experiment to be continued….

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