The New Master of Treasure

I’ve seen commercials for the latest interactive contest to grace our video games.  It seems that the makers of Major League Baseball 2k10 have an interactive contest, challenging you to be the first person to score a perfect game, winning $1,000,000.

It’s really interesting to see these sorts of contests, though I’m surprised it wasn’t done with the online aspect in mind.  Instead, you have to go analog and setup a video recorder and download their checklist.

But maybe they’re following up on a major endeavor of our past…

I remember first seeing an ad for this in my old GamePro magazine.  You had up until a certain point to master the game, then a code was released for a “Prize Level” you had a day to complete for such glorious prizes as a “fantasy concert”, “fantasy audio/visual room” or $10,000 (about $15,000 after inflation).  And of course, runner ups got a Super Nintendo, since they were still hanging on to their beloved NES like this…

There’s a really good write up on Something Awful, for those that may want to reflect further.

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