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A little post I did today for Podcamp Pittsburgh.  Enjoy!

Remember Justin Kownacki?  The social media mouthpiece that calls out his peers and keeps the net honest?  The creator of Something to Be Desired, the 2008 Yahoo Video Awared Nominee?  The founder of the Podcamp Pittsburgh we all know and love?

Yeah.  That Justin Kownacki.

Well, thanks to a tweet today, it appears he’s getting back into the series game with a novel concept.  Thanks to a setup over at KickStarter, things are setup for you, the fans of Something to Be Desired and our revered forefather of ‘Camping in these parts, to contribute to the production, get some swag for your efforts, and maybe even a vote, and in the best case, even have a character in the show named after you.

This is a concept that was quite successful when some friends at Cosmic Hellcats, a webcomic produced here in Pittsburgh, were looking to fund the print of their latest comic release of their series for the Pittsburgh Comic Con. Chris Maverick, the writer for the project, joined us on the Wrestling Mayhem Show in March to talk about the process, and some wrestling, of course (Note: Explicit content on that show)

Need more?  Click the widget for a video about the process from the man himself…

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