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Good Morning: Why Podcasting?

A couple of months ago, I started a little bit of a personal Podcast to kick my day off and get my brain moving.  For me, it’s been hard to stay up in blogging, since I’ve felt I’m betting in front of a microphone than a keyboard to express some thoughts.  It’s been a fun challenge to get some thoughts out.

To continue to try to get that out there, I’m going to start posting my Podcasts up here.  Here’s the first:

10476410_10154438439155724_8070012962396059557_oI started Podcasting in 2006.  This morning, I take a look at why Podcasting works for me, and think back to the first Podcamp Pittsburgh a little bit.

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#podcastday : Using Google Hangouts to bring more people into the conversation

This week, AJ joined us from a car for the show.  Really didn’t know it at the time.  We discuss the new format we’re attempting to use Google Hangout to bring a bigger roundtable discussion to the Wrestling Mayhem Show and how I’m working it into my current Wirecast setup, and hope to get more efficient at it…



24/7 Stream on Justin.tv

Posted as part of my new “Creators Newsletter” Email I kicked off last week.  If you are creating content and playing with Social Media online, sign up here!


Here is a quick glimpse at what I threw together for a 24/7 live stream.  Using Wirecast, Desktop Presenter (a Wirecast-related program) and iTunes.

Wirecast handles the handoff from video to Justin.tv.  If I had the horsepower, I can multicast this to Ustream, Youtube (if activated on your account for live streaming) and other providers as well, widening my spread.


Wirecast and iTunes for 24/7 streamon Justin.tv

I also added a “prerecorded” title over the video so people don’t think we’re really live and try to interact with us.  (we promote the Tuesday live in the shows themselves).

In iTunes, I setup a playlist of the week’s content and set it to loop.  Set the view for video to a separate window and make Desktop Presenter show that video window for a clean looking stream.  ach video resets the position of the video window. Some are 720, 1080, or even SD depending on the project. So I had to move it to the left corner so it doesn’t shoot half the video off screen. Desktop Presenter simply compensates and processes whatever size that is.

Our first few days of testing on one 2007 era iMac running a 2 Ghz Core 2 Due CPU, it ran well enough, but a little low on the frame rate.   After changing up to moving the iTunes and Desktop Presenter to what I think is a 2006 White iMac, it’s been smoother, but not perfect.   If you have a pretty hefty computer, this is something you can do with ease on one machine as I attempted at first, but then you’re dedicating a more expensive piece of hardware to a 24/7 process.  May be a hard pill to swallow.

We’ve had a crazy amount of viewers on the live stream, from 30-150 at a time.  There were over 300 separate viewers from my first test.  I’m hoping this is something to allow more people to stumble upon our shows since we’re getting a reaction already on the Justin.tv platform.  My channel views have grown by thousands since I started this a week ago.  All of this while the stream is still not quite as smooth as I would like it.

Want to see how this is doing?  Check out the feed at live.sorgatronmedia.com

From My View: My Podcast Studio


Sorgatron Media Studio



In the past I’ve written posts on what I use in my podcasting and production environments.  This is continually evolving.  Here’s the latest from my view Tuesday nights! So how does it break down?



  1. Macbook Pro (2009) – This is my general day to day machine.  Brought down, seen sitting on a stack of older PC laptops I’ve been attempting to get usable with Ubuntu installs.  Used for the show notes, chat interactions, and showing images and videos we broadcast through Desktop Presenter as a camera in WireCast.
  2. iMac (2007) – It’s been limited in performance, so it’s been relegated to just having the chat up consistently so I can react live with the chat during the show.  Recently did a clean reinstall to see if I can get it up to snuff for a dedicated Hangout machine or other task.
  3. Videonics switcher.  This guy is the same model I used in my high school media class.  This one was acquired as the former live switch for the International Wrestling Cartel for many years.  Serves as a switcher for any real cameras I may have in studio.
  4. Behringer mic.  Always a good brand.  Delivers my Sorg Voice.
  5. Sony A1U. A small HD camera that served well on the set of the Baristas.
  6. Sony HDR FX-1000 – My general use camera.  Both of these cams are swapped in and out at will depending on if there are any other projects that need them in the week.  I do my best to attempt to double any equipment that we have to pull from the Podcasting setup, but there’s always something.
  7. That’s Chachi on the couch.  Hi Chachi!
  8. Panasonic AG-HVX200.  It’s an HD camera, but only if you grab a $600 P2 card.  In this setup, I’m testing it as a passthrough to get the S-Video based switcher and cameras through to Firewire for the Podcast.  I had been using an older, smaller Sony HandyCam, but have been trying to solve an issue to retain the widescreen nature of the video even though we’re transmitting as SD/DV resolutions.  Feel this solution could lead to better captures for the live switching we do for wrestling and event productions.  Still working on this one.
  9. Sound board. Not the Behringer I usually use.  But a thankful donation.
  10. Around the corner you can see one of the three monitors setup for our Skype guests.  This is so we can have a bit of an “in the room” feel with the guys, which I think helps our interactions.
  11. Controls for Skype Machines.  Cramped, but I only ever need to load Desktop Presenter and Skype on each machine.
  12. Lots of PCs.  Including the 3 Skype machines, and various other machines I’d been experimenting with Linux and Windows unitasking to break out tasks in the studio.
  13. Wirecast.  Running off of the Mac Mini (2011) in the foreground  This machine is my main editing deal, which I transfer from my office to record the show weekly.  I love the portability!

A lot of what you see has been recovered, second hand, or repurposed.  Podcasting doesn’t have much of a budget in my world.  I use it for a bit of “proof of concept” that we can do something with quality and regularity.  It also serves as an experimentation ground (hence all of the extra equipment).  I could get into a bit more about the hows and whys I still do the Podcasting after all of these (7) years.  But that’s a post for another day… *Isn’t that panorama cool?  I love the feature on my iPhone.


I often don’t think. I just do.  And what I do is Mayhem.

That’s what I’ve done for 300 Tuesdays on my life.

300 times I’ve recording rantings

300 times I didn’t watch prime time television.

300 times I probably didn’t get the sleep I should of.

300 times I discussed wrestling and people have thought it important enough  to listen.

300 times I had a good time with good friends.

300 times I didn’t care what people thought of my passion.

300 times I’ve had the time of my live.

Here’s to another 300 episodes of the Wrestling Mayhem Show.