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360 video at The Scarehouse

Taking 360 video to scary levels.  

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for October 27, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive.

Recently The Scarehouse released a 360 video we were experimenting with. This was one of a long line of uses for the new technology, in this case, we had on hand the Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta.

The first issue that we had was lighting.  The room was rather dark.  Hey, it’s a haunted house. Working with the staff, we determined a pretty nice lighting that came up from below the camera in the middle of the Room of Doors, lighting the subjects with a chilling effect.

After determining the sequence, we ran through with each camera a couple of times.  The Ricoh Theta won out with lighting, and ability to edit.  (Samsung gets funny when you don’t have the software installed, and there are no Mac options as of the time).  We added logos to cover up the tripod and to fade in to finish it off.

While I have some issues with some of the video quality with the hardware we used, one has to remember these videos are typically being seen in the stream on Facebook or on smartphones rather than an Oculus Rift or full screen, making the low end perfect for these scenarios.

What do you think of our scary 360?  Check out the Facebook or the Youtube version! (You can use Google Cardboard with your Youtube app!)

samsung gear 360

Going 360

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for May 26, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

360 has obviously captured my attention.  Obviously.  It’s the time that the format has become usable with affordable-ish 360 cameras like the one Chilla has been playing with, and accessible experiences in Facebook and Google Cardboard.

This has become even more accessible to the smartphone users thanks to something we’ve been experimenting called Splash.  If you have used the Panorama feature on an iPhone or other smart phone apps, the process should seem familiar.  You will have to spin a few times as you take a mix of individual videos and images in a 360 viewable area that appears as an interactive video on Facebook or in the app.  The app is nice that it does include Google Cardboard support so you can further immerse yourself.

Splash 360: Nashville Waterfront
Splash 360: Quail Canyon Motorcross

The results can be a little wonky sometimes with odd stitching and peculiar moving objects when you scan the submissions so far.  But speaking with one of the Splash team members, they are working to educate the public on how to make better 360 videos and aim to make the platform a sort of “snapchat for 360” use that you can capture a scene rather quickly and share it.

The platform can be super powerful.  Music Splashes and samples with multiple versions of a person dancing show the possibilities.  What Splash is missing is the right mix of creatives that made Vine or Snapchat pop with stand out content.  (hint: go play with it.  That could be you, early adopters.)

What can you do with it?  Let me know if you have a chance to play with it!

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Samsung Gear VR in use

Video goes Virtual and 360. Are you ready with your idea?

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for December 11, 2015.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

Virtual Reality or 360 Video?  

You may be hearing those buzz words floating around these days.  Virtual Reality has been a hot term you may be tired of since the 90’s pipe dream of the Lawnmower Man.

Bad example.

Using Samsung Gear VR on AwesomeCastBut recently I DID get my hands on both the Samsung Gear and the Google Cardboard.  And these are not even the full experience we look forward to with the upcoming Oculus Rift.  Both were low resolution, but the function was there that finally gave you an idea of the promise.

But more accessible than a cardboard box that turned your cell phone into a face appliance was a look at 360 video.  My first glimpses at this included the famous Star Wars demo on Facebook and the Ask Gary Vee episode with this tech.   This started tickling my brain a little on the possibilities.

What can we do with this?  Why would we do something with this?  What clients are there that I haven’t discovered yet.  My city is prime example of something that could be filmed in this way.  VR helmets and Cardboard are the ideal method to take a look at these.  But take a minute.  Go to the Youtube page for #360video on both your cell phone and on your computer.  Notice how it works.  Holding out a phone in front of you could be fairly functional.

You can sit right there just like the recent Presidential Debate, or right on stage during your favorite concert.  Maybe in the future we can be above mid ring during a Mixed Martial Art fight of WrestleMania for a premium.

Cameras hit the high (but certainly not the highest) range with the Google pushed GoPro JUMP Camera system.  But can hit the rock bottom of $200 for the rest of us with the Ricoh Theta.

So what do we get to make next?

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