Super Bowl!

Well, not much was expected for this game. I actually neglected the fact it was coming up this weekend and wanted to talk some planning for an upcoming event with some friends, but that didn’t work out so well.

And it wasn’t easy. Silent Ninja came over with some chips and such and we grabbed some oven made pizza (not even trying to order) and were doing good. Then Will had to leave and we fumbled with recharging his car battery forever. But we dvr’d through the game and caught up with the commercials. All good.

So we’re enjoying the game, and get to that last minute and a half, rooting for the Giants, of course. And we get a knock on the door. Rare. It’s a drunk lady who says she’s from Bridgeville and is stuck in Beechview. Well, I’ll be damned if some lady’s going to freeze on my porch. So I give her a ride, with Missy and Silent Ninja in tow (he had to go home anyways) just in case this lady was crazy. You never know. So we start off, and this lady says she should go to the hospital. Something about a fight, and snapping off on someone, and post par tum depression wrapped up in a miscarriage. She didn’t even know there was the Super Bowl that night. That’s everything I was able to get out of me and Missy talking with her. So we left her at the hospital, got her signed in like she wanted, and hopefully she gets the help she needs.

And get back and watch the last minute of the game, paused on my tv. And no twitters read to spoil it!!! Fantastic ending. I’m glad to see the Pats go down without a perfect season, and definitely absorbed some of the NY Giants patriotism when I was in NYC last week.

So yeah. There’s a Super Bowl experience for you.

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