Sorgstock Wrap Up

This Saturday was another chapter in the long history of Sorgstock. Eight ‘stocks have now passed, and this is the first I recall that we’ve seen rain. And we had been prepared and threatened with reports of rain in the past. Of course this time, we get snookered by the weather reports and have no preparation.

I guess we’ll start off earlier in the day. Everyone was working together real well and getting everything setup, barring some people getting semi-lost, of course. We had a few locals show up. Already drunk, aparently. And almost two hours early.

Either way, we got started off with the RWF matches, first the Mexican 4 count match, which saw Sweaty Snatch, Mexican Jew Lizard, RoShamBo, and LuchaThingie squaring off for a get out off the country free card. After a few minutes of bad dancing, Spanglish, and kicks to the cahonies, “Sexy Time” RoShamBo pinned the Sweaty Snatch for the victory.

Next up, the Big Orange Kid had another run in with Psychopathic J in a DCW feature encounter which saw Psycho J bloody and bruised.

Then the RWF Tag Gold was on the line as DoS fought challengers, Weekly Features. The action was relentless, with the crowd firmly behind the champs, till that chump, Assault from MCK, ran in with a cone and help the Features get the pin, and the stolen belts. Better watch out, MCK…

Last was a war between Scion, Doc Remedy, and Chad the Shad for the remaining RWF belts. First was a regular pin match that saw Doc Remedy win the European strap. Then, in frustration, Scion drives up in a car. With a trunk full of weapons, thus helping him retain his Hardcore belt. Last was the ladder match for the RWF belt. Scion was taken out of action after some mean shots to the head. Remedy and Chad battled with “the Shad” eventually climbing to the top for the win.

At this point, it was starting to sprinkle a bit. After a slight scare, we gathered some spare tent poles, a tarps, garbage bags, and some duct tape to fabricate something to keep all the important electronics dry.

Finally, we got things rolling, and got things kicked off with some projects that I’ve been helping get together. First was NES: Nerds Eating Shrooms, featuring 8-bit, known to most as my old friend Chachi, and Playa 2. This was their first try at a live show as a group, and need to work on some stuff, but they deffinately showed some promise. People seemed to really dig “Old School” and “Mega Man”. I think Chachi finally found that intensity I’ve been looking for in the studio.

Next was another good friend, Will, no known also as emcee lb. I had the pleasure of helping out as a hype man, because I think the hardest thing to do is get on stage by yourself and carry a show. Few can do it to good effect. We started off with the entrance to the Wrestling Mayhem Show, which we’ve used since November, and did to the same beat used on CRAP’s “Diarrhea of the Mouth” on our album. Next was the first solo track we threw together, “The Thoughtful Nature of Man”. He seemed to get a really good reaction, and pulled it all off, despite being beat up in three matches earlier.

Then MCK stepped up and took the stage. These guys are rocking in t-shirts, soaking wet, and not giving a fuck. Their boy dressed up like weird Al or something in suspenders and sported a Darth Vader “cape” for a bit. A lot of people were introduced to these guys that night and they won them over all around.

Finally, my group, CRAP took the stage. It’s still raining at this point. But fuck it. We did our set. Our mic dies at the beginning of the set, so we do a song and a half tossing a mic back and forth. We finally get the mic back (thanks for the quick work, guys) and keep rocking. We were definitely just interested in having a good time at this point. We got some beers onstage. (I never drink before/during a show). Toilet Paper was flying. Three people got wrapped up with he stuff. We had plungers in hand (thanks, Matt). And we introduced the monkey during “Monkey Fllings Poo”. He starts throwing TP and running around. Then Girdy from No Clue starts chasing the thing with a plunger. It was so ridiculous I fucked up some words laughing so hard. Amazing.

After the set, everyone hang out for a little bit. Jeff was drunk as shit, proclaiming himself as a new wrestler, “Sweet Ass Toad Dick” or something, hanging with he Wrestling Mayhem Show/RWF crew. The Monkey molested Girdy some more. Eventually, people started taking off. A few people stayed and slept in their cars, or tents. There was still a fire burning. I ended up chilling in Girdy’s fresh Audie with Tweak and Jeff, bullshitting about stuff, sipping some old ass whiskey. We ended up at Perkins for a bit, served by my ex, no less, and ended the night about 4 AM.

In the end, it was an amazing night, regardless of the rain. Everyone’s determination to make this happen and run smooth as possible was astounding. From the RWF guys, to my family, Missfit on the grill, to the MCK not just packing up and going home. Everyone made this work, and that is what made this Sorgstock the most amazing, and fun. Rain is the last thing that’s going to stop this.

Now, I have almost four tapes of footage to sift through. So expect many YouTube vids to come. I’ll try to post anything new on here. You can view some pictures from all the action right here.

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