Sorgatron ’08: Drivers Be Warned!!!

It’s time to get this campaign into full swing. The Stoke Monkey has been flaunting his presidency of New Jersey, making videos, appearing on the Wrestling Mayhem Show, letting iJustine impersonate him, etc.

It’s time to shape what I stand for. I have 3 words for you..

Mandatory Driving Retests.

How many times have you been frustrated, or even downright put in danger, with someone who rolls through a stop sign, fails to signal, disobeys taking turns at a four way stop. So I propose we make a retest every ten years a driver has been on the road.

Think about it. You take classes and a test once when you started driving. When was that? Sixteen? Seventeen? I have been driving for ten years now and honestly don’t remember what to do in certain situations on the road. We typically drive our routes everyday, to our familiar areas of work and play, and know how to get through that. Some people pride themselves out there on their disregard for personal and public safety when their driving, displaying their car’s dents and scrapes as badges of honor. Instead of letting these people continually deteriorate, give them the platform to recall all of the things they do wrong.

Then there’s the number one offenders. The elderly. We have no ceiling for how long you have your license right now. So long as you are competent enough to renew your license, you can get behind a wheel. Even if you can’t see the end of the dash, or see over the steering wheel, for that matter. This is a danger on the road. And no one is afraid to do something like this, because everyone knows, old people vote. And that’s a whole other problem with this country for another post…

One thought on “Sorgatron ’08: Drivers Be Warned!!!

  1. It should be a 5 step process to reclaim our roads:

    1) Retest drivers under 65 every 10 years, and drivers over 65 every 5 years

    2) Raise the initial driving age to 18

    3) One DUI = loss of license for 1 year (plus retesting); a second DUI = permanent loss of license

    4) Accidents caused by drunk drivers = 1 year prison sentence (minimum) + additional time for severity of accident

    5) Regional car inspection standards, to ensure that cars from Ohio are just as road-worthy as cars from New York, as they drive through (and pollute) Pennsylvania

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