Shoppers’ Holiday

A few years back, I had decided that I would “experience” Black Friday. My dad was doing good and wanted to do some good things for the family, so I decided to help out. We scoped out a couple of sub-$400 HP Computers, a Gamecube from my brother, and maybe a couple other things. I recalled heading in early, just after midnight, to see if there were any deals. It was odd. Surreally quiet. Lots of lines of carts. We bolted since it wasn’t what my sister recalled in previous years.

We got up early. I mean, I don’t think the sun was up. We went in with our list, found some “vouchers” for the computers. Found a digital camera I was itching to pick up, and circumvented the lines of carts and danced my way into electronics to pick on of the last three Gamecube specials off of the pallet.

It was fun. It was an experience. It was something I don’t want to have to do every year. Nor in a city Walmart, as apposed to the small town of Greenville.

But I find myself in it this year. We determined there were some deals that we shouldn’t pass up, especially with the questionable nature of our work situations, and not getting what we expected this year. So I recruited my brother, and hope to embark to the local ‘Marts and ‘Stops to see what we can venture to find.

I was watching some of the 11 o’clock news and some things about tomorrow. Some stores already opening for the sales. Some people are sitting out in the cold tonight. One guy, lieing on the concrete with his makeshift pillow, sleepily proclaimed “for my ten dollars. I heard they’re giving ten dollars away to some of the people.” Now, this is the guy who stood out all night in the cold with some friends for a Nintendo Wii a full month after it was released. I can’t see anything that’s good enough of a deal to sit out all night for.

It’s been a few years. I’m going to the wolves for this one. Not as crazy as some, but crazy enough to go out into the storm. We’ll see what this brings in the morning…

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