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When I was a teenager, my parents did the best thing ever and bought me a Sharp 8mm camera like this one here. It opened up my creativity and my want to capture the moments around me as I head into the twilight of my high school years and had so many good times.

Little did I know, this was the perfect preparation for today’s Social Media climate.

The best of Social Media is often from those reporting on the world around them.  In a day with media and text at our fingertips, the only thing often missing is that mindset to realize the event or imagery in front of you needs to be shared.

Is this worth sharing with my audience

When I talk with my clients and try to educate them to become my agents in relaying what their company is about, this is the sort of thing I try to convey. Often, what are the little things in your day to day workings at that business are worth sharing with your audience.  What tells the story of your business.

How can I spin this

When working with the independent wrestling companies, there’s already a built in story to tell as feuds develop from monthly shows, and need to fill in the gaps of 3-6 weeks in between to keep people invested.  But you also need to keep an eye out for others.  What are the wrestlers themselves doing?  What are your fans talking about, and are you paying attention and interacting.  When a former alumni pops up on television, do you have something in your long history with them to share with a new audience.

It can take time for this to be natural.  Give yourself goals to integrate your Social Media platform in your life if you don’t have a particular plan, even if it’s just for you. Decide what from your day is worth sharing every day. Sometimes even if you feel it’s the most mundane. You would be surprised what others find interesting about what you do.

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