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You have your content.  You’re being awesome at your blog.  Your Podcast is getting good.  You have a good flow.

So often, I think we look at the grind in how much we generate.  Am I making new content each week on the blog?  You may feel like you need to reach out to more points, and that often means blog harder.

But the answer may not be making so much more in that one format.  Maybe it’s adapting it to other platforms?

What can you take from that content?  Are there any phrases that stick out?  Make a quote image and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  We created a few of these with an image as we record our Podcast, and post along with a short link via bit.ly that goes directly to the show.

Have an old blog that is a little more evergreen?  (find out what that means here)  It can be tweeted and reshared at a later date.  Resurface that content tactfully from time to time instead of letting it get buried in the archives of your blog.

What if your Podcast or blog could be treated as a presentation.  Can you fire up PowerPoint, or even Google Drive’s free Slides, and make a slide show out of it?  We have seen tremendous response from posting these to Slideshare.  All of that content is now in there, shareable, and searchable.

Often, if I hear an old interview on Wrestling Mayhem Show is doing something big like being featured on Ring of Honor’s PPV, it’s a nice reminder that we talked to them on the show, and relink that archive interview.  Was there anything significant about that talk that the subject’s NEW fans may find interesting?  They may find out and discover your show.

This is by no means an excuse to create less. This is about maximizing the content you’ve already been making.  You never know what important new eyes and ears you could capture.

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