Reminiscing on Juggalo Days past…

Was doing some searching, looking for some pics and mentions of past Juggalo Days, and other events, and found one of my old posts via Google…

“And where has my life been chronicled, in the meantime. Look no further than This site has become my pride and joy recently. Not until now have I found so much pride and purpose in my work. I recently attended Juggalo Day at Kennywood Saturday. We had over 60 juggalos for the picture alone, and there were definitely more crawling through the park. I finally saw the pic from last year, and it looks fairly anemic in comparison. And I was handed some props left and right that day. I finally got to see the faces of those attending the site. The people I do this for. At one point, we were waiting to get organized to do the group pic. I noticed one ninja talking to Kryptik (of telling him he did a great job and thanking him. Kryp turns around and says “thank this ninja right here.” I guess for those who don’t know what went down, and i guess i didn’t go over in my last post, I was talking to Kryptik about doing some joint shit between our sites. My reluctance to their suggestions (read: Nedenspreadin’s suggestions, apparently) led to a following out. Kryp got the .net and some former ninjas that got kicked from the original Pittsburgh Juggalos, and sought to remake the site the way it should be. He took the site down, posted a long explanation at what went down and to scope my site for info on the Juggalo Day. I ws honored for the passing of the torch and pushed the fuck outta that shit. Snackz and JuggaloJohn, a good part of the WPAJ family, pushed the shit on Faygoluvers and other sites.

Juggalo Day really put my work in perspective. I had some younger juggalos asking me shit like if Psychopathic sends me free shit. The next day was spent sorting through all the new juggalos messaging me on AIM. I ended up talking with one ninja, who had a site of his own and he’s now our new web ninja on WPAJ. He’s like 16 and already know more than I did at that age in HTML. He’s really ambitious to be working on something like this, I can see, and expect some fresh shit from him.”

This post was from back in 2001, after Juggalo Day 2 at Kennywood. Now, I’m less than a week away from heading back to Podcamp Pittsburgh to talk about what we’re doing with the Wrestling Mayhem Show, and everything else that’s going on to New Media enthusiasts. But I tell you, this is the epitome of “community building”

Here’s a few examples of that community…




These are results of websites centered around this music community, “Juggalos” making the effort and people reciprocating. Be it that started it, to still keeping it alive today, it’s still happening.

To the New Media guys reading: this is what any of us can accomplish with anything people have a passion about. Podcamp feels much like these events do in that respect, honestly.

To the Juggalos: It doesn’t matter if you discover that Violent J really is a dick, or Psychopathic Records is just another money hungry label, it’s the Juggalos that make this happen, and they wouldn’t be shit with out you, and you don’t need them to have this. We have each other in this…


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