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“The easiest way for no one to see your video is post it on Youtube.”

Podcast Day HangoutI’m paraphrasing, or that’s how I remember the quote in a presentation by Sree Sreenivasan in March at a Point Park University talk. And that is a line of thinking that has been stuck in the back of my mind since.

I often had the mindset over the years that if I hunker down and continue create, the people will find me. It was true if you were an early adopter to something like a Youtube, or Podcasting in the past.  You were probably one of a few doing that thing that people were into.  But now, the media streams are flooded with those that found their audience and those trying to find there own.  

That is the sort of thinking that’s led me to be a little louder about what I do.  At least that’s how I think about it.  But more importantly, to look at friends and clients with new projects and realizing just recording the video or podcast is the smallest part of the actual work to achieve its goals. 

Your Podcast doesn’t stop when you post it to iTunes. 

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