Preparing for GameCasting

This is sort of new territory for me.  I’ve never thought broadcasting us playing a video game could be interesting to anyone.  It’s always interesting to us, but does that translate?

Let’s find out.

For a while, before the advent of YinzTeam Softball taking half of the crew away, we got together, members of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, near weekly to play Quake Live, a browser based video game, and Skyped in with each other to stay connected.  So much of the complete rediculousness often spilled over in commentary on Wrestling Mayhem Show.  After seeing so many people playing StarCraft as I login to get ready for our podcasting each week, this chipped away as something we could try out.

Tonight, we’re going to be doing so from 8-11 PM Eastern at

Here’s a little of my setup tests I worked on tonight.



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