Podcamp Video-straviganza.

It was a crazy weekend, and we’re all letting everything sink in, and recovering from all of the work and partying.  Head over to Flickr, Youtube, or just search for “PCPGH4” tags to see all of the media as the Podcampers get things uploaded for you consumption.  This year, I had the trusty iPhone 3GS at my disposal to do some videos on the spot without dragging my MiniDV camera around everywhere.  You can check out the array of Chop Videos on the Wrestling Mayhem Show post this evening. Be sure to expect some more write ups in the wake of all of the commentary, sessions, and such from this year’s Podcamp Pittsburgh.

It’s @djlunchbox’s new shirt via @modcloth #pcpgh4 on 12seconds.tv

Chachi moving the water #pcpgh4 on 12seconds.tv

See you all next year!

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