Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 Meet N Greet.

The Podcampers decended down on Alpahlabs this evening for some meet n greet. I was amazed at just how many unfamiliar faces were in attendance. I knew there were supposed to be a lot of new signups, but this was amazing. So I ventured over, and and had some Erie Brewinng specialties presented by who I learned was an SIDT Fan of the Show. I sat down with the Silent Ninja

and had some interesting grub, including my first experience with hummus. I talked with Mike Munz, who is involved with Dev house, a fellow who’s name escapes me, who is in the same Game & Art program as Silent Ninja at the Art Institute, discussed his feelings on whether AIP was “worth it”. I talked for a good bit with Karl Schieneman, who we interviewed last year at Podcamp, and his wife, about wrestling, some connections, and so on. I wondered over to the bar/food area and hung with some old podcamp friends, and some chopping ensued.

Justin and Woy talked for a bit and told us about AlphaLab and a couple of companies at work in there, uncluding GameHuddle, an “e-harmony for game matchups” and Chogger, a sort of ready made web comic site. Both really interesting projects.

Norm also gave me a sneek peak at the PCPGH3 swag before I helped carry it to his truck. The party split with the SIDT guys meeting up with someone at Jeckyl & Hyde, and a good number of the Podcamp alumni went to the Double Wide Grill. It was a good time of music, Canadian anthems, and Cider.

Here’s to the kick off. Let’s Podcamp the shit out of this weekend!

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