Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 Day 1

Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 has come and gone, and I find head swimming in all of the new information I received this weekend.

Saturday found the Sorgs coming early, since Missy volunteered to handle much of the food wrangling for the weekend. The opening talk in the main room saw a LOT of new faces, that further amazed me from the night before. We heard from Justin, Chris, and Norm.

During the course of the day, I attended at least sessions that really stretched my thinking of how to approach the things I’ve been doing. Mike Munz, who I had a great conversation with the previous evening at the meet n’ greet, did a fantastic session on “Making Social Media Visible”, in which a lot of SEO (search engine optimization) and tricks came into play. I also attended our friends John and DJ G from the G Spod talking about podsafe music. I had taking a small amount of time looking at this subject before, but didn’t like how some sites I found were laid out to work with. But this ioda that they use is fantastic for both my podcasts and music projects. Finally, I attended a session with Walt Ribeiro, who does “Your Weekly Music Lesson” on Revision 3. Walt has a LOT of energy, and I didn’t see him skip a beat all weekend. The session talked about how he quit his job and made a go at making his show work and go into business for himself, and building that community, getting advertisers. Some may have been put off by his top speed presentation, but I thought it was fantastic. This was the guy who expressed his love for the medium the most, and dropped the best quotes of any session. Terms such as social media being “word of mouth on steroids” and “SEO the shit” out of your project.

I plan to release most of the sessions, especially those described above, on the newly established Podcamp Pittsburgh Podcast stream.

I also had the pleasure to partake in a couple of panels this day, including “Success!” sharing with Chris Brogan, Rachel, the G Spod, Should I Drink That, and moderated by Justin. It was a good time talking about the keys to why people still pay attention to us. (look for video soon). Of course, we also came back to do our “Grassroots Podcasting” session where we talk about where we came from as a show along with our Should I Drink That friends, lots of Wooo’s, chops, and even a Rickroll by the Stoke Monkey! (of course there’ll be video of that)

The evening brought us to Red Star, right next to Bar Louie (site of Bootcamp PGH post shenanigans) I had some good talks with Brogan about comic movies, Jen about Juggalos and wrestling, various wrestling talks, actually, and the fantastic 649 returned! This year yielding a mix of Bacardi, Segrams, and Yukon Jack. Tasty. And we came in at almost 20 served up. It was beutiful.

Well that’s enough brain leakage for now. Just type “PCPGH3” into Youtube, twitter, google, flickr, technarati, etc to find a LOT of coverage from this past weekend! I’ll be back with Day 2 tomorrow.

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  1. Agreed. PCPGH was a blast. Can’t wait to see you again. Stay well and let’s keep in touch!


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