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Helping to spread the word:

Written by Norm
July 23rd, 2009

Photo by: Kimberly Reed.

PodCamp Pittsburgh needs you for many reasons. If you are a co-organizer then you know your job (find some sponsors). What if you aren’t involved in planning but are looking for ways to help promote this years event. The easiest way is to simply tell everyone you know about the event, even the guy at Subway serving up your five dollar foot long. But what if you aren’t that kind of a social butterfly?

Under the Schedule tab above we have a link to badges and other content you can use to help us promote PodCamp. We have your standard badges:

podcamp_webbadge_180x113 podcamp_banner_415x248

Feel free to insert these into your blog posts, sidebars and email signatures.

If you have a podcast and are planning on attending please consider using our audio or video bumpers. Every little bit helps. PodCamp is a great way to connect with your audience/readers so make sure they know you’ll be there.

Since we are a 100% FREE unconference, PodCamp Pittsburgh NEEDS YOU to help us promote the event.

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