Place Your Bets!!

It’s post draft.  The old heads are out with injuries and rest periods.  The young guys have the biggest chance as ever.  

Place your bets.  
The Miz  
I’ve been a fan of the Miz since he was announcing Diva contests.  A guy with a hug chip on his shoulder since he came from the Realm of Reality TV.  He’s not the biggest technical guy, but he’s got the attitude and some ability.  
John Morrisson  
The other side of the puzzle.  And going face?  He had two matches at the ECW/Superstars/Smackdown tapings.  Between this and the Miz and Morisson taking over tag wrestling on all three programs over the last year, you know this guy will get every oppurtunity he needs to get on top.  
CM Punk
Last year, Punk got a novel title run, and won almost every title in the company in his rookie year.  This could be the year he breaks out as a regular at the top if he keeps it up.  
Mike Knox
He’s born with banshees and I am certain his beard is loaded.  Say hello to the next Kane-level badass heal.  Maybe not main eventer, but a regular foil for guys like Cena and Trips.  

They spent little time putting a show’s belt on the guy.  He’s just the right kind of guy to push guys like Jack Swagger, and anyone else coming up on ECW.  He’s proven as a champ on TNA, and now we get to see what he can do Tuesday nights.  Which brings us to…

Jack Swagger
Like him or not (I’m on the fence), Swagger proved why he’s been, and will likely to continue to be, fastracked up the roster.  
It’s time.  He’s been riding the mid card US Title train and proved he can be serious, entertaining, and a good match to watch.  Tearing him down to brinng him back as a good guy was genius.  
Who’s still on the bubble? 
Kofi Kingston

He’s too Jamaican.  But really, this is one of those talented individuals that just needs some character tweaks.  If we start to see more character than, well, a character with this guy, he’ll be leap frog to the top.  
Evan Bourne
We will see some amazing matches from this guy, but lets face it, he’s way to small for this group.  No, I don’t see him becoming the next Rey Mysterio anytime soon.  Bourne will become a very successful 
THE Brian Kendrick
Someone believes in this guy.  Though I’ll miss Zeke, and he was an interim World Champ back in that odd scramble last year, he has the same issue that Borne has.  The oppertunity to entertain the hell out of you, but not the size to run with it.  In the long run, though, Brian could have the potential to be a Chris Jericho if he exudes enough character…
Tag Team Wrestling
I don’t know what they want to do with the team swaps and title unifications, but the moving from title change to creating a new team (Kendrick/???) is not what we were hoping for.  And what of Crime Time?  Diva event emcee’s for life?  Maybe R-Truth will join them. 

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