Pittsburgh Slim

Uh oh! Sorg’s drunk and blogging again!!

So this was an interesting night. Dr. E let me know earlier this week that he was doing the interview for this big deal dude called Pittsburgh Slim. Call me out of the loop. I guess his sound is kind of mainstream, and I’m really just learning about him this week.

So Doc and I get there, it’s a little slow, and dammit, we’re not club guys. We’re two married dudes out on the town. This isn’t for us. A few vodkas later. Yeah, we still don’t fit in. But fear not! It was still a good time. We got to bullshit and talk about our music versus the stuff they play that gets the girls moving. And a few good ideas came from the night.

We hang by the back bar, behind the main vip section, it turned out. One of the Steelers showed up. (still not sure which one, but I was convinced it was Santonio Holmes till I realized he’s 5’11”. This dude was like 3 inches taller than me, at 6’4″) And there were a few of them there. I wouldn’t know any of them unless it was Big Ben or Polamalama. The do the big tease thing all night and Pittsburgh Slim finally shows up like 12:30 or so. They introduce him and give him a mic. Dude gets up on the table in his VIP section and plays to the crowd, and sings his two singles. Doc got some video that should be up soon.

Yeh, clubs definitely not my thing. Unless I was single and “in the market” I would see no reason to go. Even if I was, most of the girls there and the music they play would make me want to stab someone in no time. But you know. We got on the guest list, thanks to the good Doctor. And I finally got to see what they did the the old Rosebud where I rocked out on stage to some AC DC at an AIP Halloween party one year.

And as I learned about this Pittsburgh Slim, I started thinking about career moves. I haven’t heard the interview yet, but from what I read in the City Paper(…of Pittsburgh) He worked his ass off here for years, and realized it wasn’t going to work. Pittsburgh doesn’t have an entertainment industry. So he moved to LA to “get the job done” and ended up in a bidding war with something like 11 labels. Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe we need to become some West Coast CRAP to get out there.

Or maybe not. The friggin’ ground moves out there. I’m not down for that.

And what does this do for the rest of this “left in the ‘burgh”. Theres so much conversation about people coming up in this town and helping everyone out. And people getting signed and not representing the area and pointing some eyeballs here. Slim seems to be doing that in name alone, as well as some lyrical content. I’ve caught some 412 and regional references in his lyrics so far. We’ll see how that develops over his supposed 5 record deal. And he did come back to Pittsburgh to do his big release party. So that’s saying something. Might actually be more than a gimmick. Who knows, maybe he’s the next Kid Rock or Eminem to do for the ‘burgh what they did for Detroit in pointing the hip hop line of sight to that town. Maybe this is to local artists as the writers strike is a golden opportunity for New Media creators (I listen to a lot of This Week in Media)

Time will tell…

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