Pittsburgh Armageddon!!!!

That’s right, WWE got antoher PPV in Pittsburgh this past week. An occasion to celebrate, people! Armageddon. Typically the year end sleeper pay per view, but it was in the ‘Burgh. And you learn, big things happen in the burgh.

Kurt Angle won his second WWE Championship at Unforgiven 2001 (first as a face, with a celebration with his family in the ring, going over the betraying Stone Cold Steve Austin)

The face to face confrontation between Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan.

Beth Phoenix breaking her face last year during her first RAW run.

Jillian Garcia hurting herself twice, now

ECW invading! (the last time) Including Sabu destroying Cena on the table.

The first (and hopefully last, and forgettable) barbed wire cage match.

And, earlier this year, Edge scored his first World Title on Smackdown via Money in the Bank.

And this one was no different. There were a lot of rough finishes. countouts, DQs, but there were enough twists to make it worth it. The kick by JBL to Jericho, setting up his return to the ring, and maybe one of the best feuds on the horizon. The doppleganger Edges lead to the slaughter to help Edge regain the World Title he had to drop due to injury…again. Fantastic.

And not all of the action was in the ring. there was a celebrity in the ring in Chad the Shad. Of course, Chad has this uncanny Edge-like look. And during the course of the night, no less than 20 people did a double take, thought he looked like, and asked if he was, Edge. Our section, nustled just behind the set on the right side, had a group of Edge fans a few rows up that were cheering for Chad maybe more than the rest of the show. And all got pictures with him afterwards.

And the chorus of “Kennedyyyyy!!!” from the all across the parking lot as we waited for Chachi and Will to join us was amazing.

Great night, not IWC, but just a different level. It’s always good to hit these once in a while. And for what may have been the last PPV in Mellon Arena, it was a great close.

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