One Day…


When I was planing my escape route from my career position, I noticed a trend ingest myself and others around me.

“One day, I’m going to do move there.”

“One day, I will have the lonely to do that”.

Circa 2010. I look so lost…

Replace the end of any of those with your own life improving affirmations.

I felt like this was all any of us were saying. And we remained in the stale, flat direction for several years. Not much improvement on life position. No forward progression.

One day, (past tense, it feeIs more like a revelation, doesn’t it?) I made a conscience decision of taking the “one day” out of my vocabulary. I don’t know of this was a realization of a trend that those “One day” statements never started shaping up, or something I read or heard in the many books and podcasts I was drawing inspiration from at the time. (I’m due for a post on that). But the idea that every time we say these statements, we placate that feeling to be motivated to achieve that said goal. In the end you end up with a bigger list of “should have dones” and “wish I hads” then accomplishments.

Take a look at your own vocabulary. Are you adding to any of those lists? Remove those words. Instead of saying “one day I’m going to start that project” and resolve to simply START that project today. Even if its just the first step.

2 thoughts on “One Day…

  1. Mike, I often hear the “I should, I need to, I’ve got to and I have to.” When one realizes that everything in life is a choice and willing to accept the consequences, then one will be truly free. Good stuff.

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