No Clue Crew "Unbreakable" Review

I’ve never felt that I was very good at these things, but people keep asking me to write reviews. So why not. Practice makes perfect. Expect (hed) pe “DIY Guys” CD/DVD in the next couple of days.

I have been a fan, and friend, of the No Clue Crew for several years now. From the days rolling with Twisted Thoughts as they played together, to later Sorgstocks and such in my own group as CRAP. These guys have put out several albums already; “Yule Time Logs”, “First Gear”, and the “Warlord Ninjas vs Bloawlin’ Monks”. For the longest time, I’ve thought that their recordings never equalled the energy of their live performance. Something I’ve said to them since First Gear.

Finally, after a slight change in lineup, the No Clue Crew is back as a terrible threesome with “Unbreakable”. This time around, the Crew shows themselves as more diverse and mature than the past releases. Maybe not in content (the absurdity in lyrics I love about these guys is still intact), but delivery. No Clue specializes on stuff that makes you wonder “WTF?” and pushes the limits. From “Licorice” with King Nasty being a personal favorite on the album, to “Clubzilla” that proves that everyone needs a club song on the album. The guys even go a more inspirational route with “It’s About Us” and “Nobody Knows”.

This is one of the better examples of “Juggalo Music” that isn’t about murder and death all the time.

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