New Kinds of Business: Skype Yoga and Therapy

From the Sorgatron Media Newsletter from September 13, 2012. 

One of my favorite things to do is play with video.  Of course by play I mean “Invent new ways that regular people can break down barriers and connect with new business models.”

Over the last couple of months, I’ve had the fortune to be the guinea pig, and advise for a great Yoga Instructer who wanted to build something.  Mariangela Mancuso latched right on when I started explaining what Skype and Google Hangouts could do for her in this day and age where gas prices are going through the roof, everyone is busier than ever, and maybe just can’t find the time to get someplace for something helpful like Yoga.

This week, she just launched her site for this new phase of her Yoga career,  She took what she learned from our sessions, spun in some social media to help get the word out, and found tools online that solved her problems, including a scheduling service to take care of some of the little details.

This is the perfect example of someone using the tools this new digital age has given them to evolve into a new business.  There are plenty of groups doing this, including one client, S’eclairer, introducing Skype therapy sessions to regular practice.  A great service since their practice attracts clients from all over Western Pennsylvania, some driving 3 ours for a session.

So take a look at your skills.  Are you dependent on interacting with people?  Now might be the time to invite them online with you.



This was only posted a week ago, but this goes back to a conversation I had with Pittsburgh Connects way back on Unsung 13. The idea of teaching people who have a trade, in this case a Yoga instructer, and using technology to turn over their own business model.  It’s all about technology enabling people.

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