Never Eat Alone

never-eat-aloneOnce again, I found myself following some recommendations, this time via TWIT, and it was along time listen. I’ve been looking to expand my skills, and I thought this would be an interesting book to relate to.

This book was nice (audiobook not read by the author, of course) to see the author was a local transplant from Latrobe, just a drive from Pittsburgh.  There were several anecdotes of a small town guy moving out into the world.

I found that this book outlined, in great detail, a few concepts I’ve found myself already taking on, such as being a “selfless helper”.  A more open approach of contributing where you can genuinely to make new friends and contacts.  Many of the demonstrations were ways in which you make business relationships real friendships.  It seemed to blur the lines between business and personal life, for the most part.  Being maybe a little less formal.  Even to the extent of taking your associates’ birthdays into account and how a small gesture can make the difference.  This is a concept that is, of course, related to your business acquaintances, but I also find I’m able to apply to my closer friends that I find myself in danger of falling out of touch with.  It’s a couple of years old, but it does cover the social media aspects of all this, which makes all of these tips so much easier to execute these days.

I wasn’t relating quite as much to the dinner parties that were often discussed.  Maybe it’s something that I need to interpret to my own life and needs, or sorts of business, but the examples given seemed a little beyond my means.  But maybe that’s a demonstration of where this guy got with his skills.

On the audiobook I listened to, the narration was a bit cheerier than I would have hoped.  Whereas the Total Money Makeover author read his book with an evangelistic passion for his words, this narrator felt he had his nose in the air as he read this.  It wasn’t so much of a dealbreaker, fortunately, and the information was fantastic.

For a bit of a cliff’s notes on the book in the area of  Friendships, and a bit better explaination than I’m sure I could write, check out this article by The Simple Dollar.

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