My first 27 years….

In my 27 years on this earth…

• I’ve seen a Cold War crumble and a confusing war rise from the ashes of thousands of deaths.
• I’ve seen a wrestling empire grow from the dingy arenas and territories of the days to one of the flashiest live spectacles on television and live today.
• I’ve seen an industry rise from the crash of the early 80’s and rode the wave of electronic entertainment that I still love to follow.
• Superman died…..and came back…..
• Batman broke his back….and then didn’t…
• Wolverine lost his metal…and then didn’t…
• I’ve loved and lost
• I’ve survived almost four years of marriage and think I’m doing better than most.
• I still don’t know who shot J.R.
• I’m in my field doing work I love, if I don’t always love the job itself
• I’ve seen the .com bubble burst, and start to fill up again
• I’ve discovered this amazing thing called “New Media” that has me more excited about the possibilities than I ever have been
• I’ve made new friends and lost old ones. And had a few turn their back on me.
• The last season of Roseanne still pisses me off
• I’ve brought the Mayhem
• I’ve rapped with a monkey on stage
• I’ve connected hundreds of Juggalos together across the region
• I’ve spoken with wrestlers, musicians, and Gladiators.
• I’ve performed on stage, in crowds, in the backyard, and in the ring
• I grew up on He-Man, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles and still came out well adjusted (right?)

I’ve also realized I’m at “that point” where I need to look at things and decide on some things. Like where I am and where I want to be. I’ve been at my job three years. And really, where is it going to take me in relation to where I want to be? I’m working my ass off in the day job and outside of it, trying to get somewhere. It’s time to go for broke and maybe pull the trigger on a few things.

2007 was a rough damn year. And I’m back, baby!

2 thoughts on “My first 27 years….

  1. I remember 27 being a big deal for me. That’s when it hit me that 30 was crawling up. I was winding down my rowdiness and getting ready to settle down. Enjoy though man. From what I’ve seen you have some great things going on and besides, your friends with SIDT which makes you like a super SUPER star.

    cheers buddy!

  2. Happy birthday!

    My 27th year was a year of change for me too. That was when I started applying to grad schools, which led to me leaving a long-term relationship, moving back across the country, and becoming a whole new me. It was hard, but in the end I think it was right.

    I hope 2008 is an astoundingly good year for you!

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