Macintosh Woes

Michael D Sorg Sorgatron ok, I get that owning an Mac and working on one everyday is different now…

Michael D Sorg Sorgatron It’s like having kids vs borrowing kids…

Yeah. It was kind of like that.

So, like a good little technophile, I bought Windows XP Media Center OEM. Yes. I bought Windows that didn’t come preinstalled. There go my scruples, I know. But I figured why not. Lets get going with a new, legit path with this new iMac. (And my awesome mass lisence copy of XP wasn’t “Service Pack 2” so i couldn’t use it. Ugh.) So I start installing (after a solving the disk error conundrum, and before that, doing a fresh install of Leapord, as upgrade installs blows Steve Jobs goat farm).

Chuggin along. “Insert disc 2” Ok. Wait. Where’s the eject!? So no eject (don’t even see a manual eject on this thing) and the button only works in OSX. So after much tinkering, I think I figure it out. Let it “fail out” , restart, and hold both Option and the mouse button to 1) pick my windows install (which will auto load back into setup) and 2) eject the disc to change to the last one needed. And shit. That actually worked.

It’s sad I have to hack the system to accomplish something legit. Now tonight I play some Half Life 2 on this thing…

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