Let Me Tell You About Matti…

276_22754861407_6512_nLet me tell you about a friend.  This friend was a kindred spirit.  We encountered each other in a chance seating arrangement in a history class of some sort I was put in when I switched to a new school.  He could have been classified as peculiar.  But I always gravitated to the fellow peculiars in high school.  And I was brand new to this shinier, bigger school.

He was really smart and showed me some computer stuff that made my head spin.  Linux.  Custom scripts.  Ascii video players.  Squeezing the juice out of a 200 Mhz Gateway computer way longer than should be legally allowed.  I thought for sure he was going into the computer industry.

But he loved to drive.

“I’ve learned after all of these years that I don’t really care about money (I’ll always owe somebody)”

So he drove.

He drove frozen burritos across country.  Gas generators to people in need stricken by Hurricane Sandy.  All manors of goods all across the country.

And he experienced the sports he loves.  High school football, AA Hockey, Baseball, in little known stadiums all across the country.  A welcome side effect from servicing every state you can get to on wheels.

He has his own truck.  He is on the road where he belongs. Seen more of our country than I could even dream of. He’s living.

And I love hearing about every minute of it as he told me, as I described it, and requested, “A review of the United (48 contiguous) State”

My successful friends don’t wear suits.


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