Juggalos and New Media

When I started getting into the Juggalo community, around 2000, I noticed a trend that we all embraced the internet and grew strong. ICP has garnered an online following that, I’m sure, suppresses their need to invest in “traditional” means of advertising. How many tours and albums are released with an internet push, almost alone, and made it to top 10s and sold out venues. From the Faygoluvers, to RealJuggalos, TheSixth.com, Milenko500, and all of the little regional web sites that popped up (including WPAJ).

For the past several years, I have noticed some trends. First, the “thinning” of juggalo sites. There have been less and less presence of lasting Juggalo sites. Everyone goes to Faygoluvers and JuggaloNews to get their news. In some cases, more than going to ICP or Twiztid’s site. Fact: According to Alexa.com, Faygoluvers.net does indeed rank higher in visitors that insaneclownposse.com.

Also, over the last couple of years, we have embraced some new things, such as Shoutcast streams, Podcasts, and more. I’ve had the pleasure to help teach at several seminars since, and want to make sure the Juggalos are looking forward as well.

I’ve talked with plenty of people at these conferences that are considered experts in social networks and new media, and they are often amazed by our community’s efforts and gatherings of great numbers of people, including the incredible Kennywood group pictures, comedy shows, and release parties. And I’m not ready to think that we can’t repeat, of even grow this success.

So what are we to do, as a community? We embraced web sites and message boards. But what’s next? How to we keep these thing going?

Already, many have taken on social networking. Just search “Juggalo” on Myspace and you get scores of profiles. There are a smattering of Myspace Groups, but very few have any real conversation going on. The people that put together myhatchetspace.com know how important all of this is.

I encourage productive ‘lo’s to look into Podcasting. With limited computer knowledge, and sometimes, just with a phone, you can start a show that can be done live, accept callers, run a live chat room, on several services with ease, including Talkshoe.com (where we host Mayhem and WPAJ Interview), Blogtalkradio.com (where Jury does The Artist Point), and even BlogTV.com (where we simulcast Mayhem Show live). Both of the Podcasting option also get your show on itunes and other Podcasting directories, making your shows instantly available to thousands(millions?) of potential listeners.

And as far as keeping it social, I recommend Juggalos look to these portable social sites. Twitter, you’ve seen at the top of WPAJ with a stream of WPAJ ninjas. It’s like a giant chat room that we all share. The real appeal is the ability to get this service on your cell phone (hope you have unlimited text messages) and being able to connect anywhere you’re at. Another service on it’s way is Brightkite. Much like Twitter, but you can check in at a location, send photos, messages, and see if there are other ninjas on your list in your neighborhood to connect with.

I want to extend a hand of help to anyone who may be inspired to start something like this, or participate in any of the sites mentioned. If anyone has any questions about what’s new in this “Web 2.0” world, feel free to contact me, Juggalos. Hit me up on AIM at spsjuggalo, or my personal email at mikesorg@gmail.com.

I invite all the Juggalos to contribute their thoughts on our newly rechristianed WPAJ Board at this thread.

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