I’ve been hacked?

Well, not me, but one of the sites I’ve done.

A few years ago, I had thrown together a quick website for my mother in law and the Watchdogs of the Southern Tier. A political watchdog group formed over some discrepancies in the local government in their county in Western New York.

Anyways, haven’t seen it in a while. It hasn’t been updated since 2006. (the movement was rather successful, by the way) I find an email from my mother in law that the message board had been hacked. You click the link, it starts to load the page. Then this.

I’m sure it’s some sort of joke. Hell, I wouldn’t know. I don’t speak a language even related to what’s on that screen. Though there’s a nice Istanbul travel video from YouTube on there.

Side note: Tried Google Translate. Even if it did do the language, half of the text is in images. Ugh.

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