It Came from the Newsletter: Just Pick One: You don’t need to be everywhere…yet…

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Getting online can be overwhelming.  Tweets, Books of Faces, and Snapchats you can feel like you’re lost in a sea of possibilities.

You know you have to get your (business/non-profit/lipsync video) out there.

But where do you start?

You just need one.

How do you pick?

  • Search – Go to that network and see if anyone is talking about your topic.  Is there a community there already to engage with genuinely?  My health clients see nothing bot shilling on Twitter, but have genuine questions and interaction on Facebook you can respond to with their expertise.  
  • Application – What is the easiest network for you to get into every day.  Twitter took off for me because I could use it via texting on a flip phone.  What application can you pull up on whatever phone you have to take pictures, videos, and respond to your community the easiest way possible.
  • Media – What do you think you can produce some media?  Do you need to be more visual?  Maybe Instagram is the key if you’re dealing with artwork.  People love sharing food and recipes on Pinterest.  Maybe you want to be purely video on Youtube, or keep it shorter with Snapchat or Vine.  Dig around and see what other people are producing.  See what inspires you.

After some time, are you starting to feel comfortable?  Consider adding another one.  Or just keep kicking butt at the one you’re on.

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here!

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