I’m Drinking Again…

It’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks. Not really for a lot of bad stuff going one. Just a LOT going on. Enough to drive you…to drink…

Oddly, it was the Missfit that suggested it after finding her orange cream stuff in the freezer. I guess I’ll do a PittGirl/ChachiSays tonight and put down what comes to mind from the day…

  • Wendy’s bought by Arby’s? Was made aware via brother Silent Ninja’s Twitter, but ended up looking up the details. I didn’t know Wendy’s was doing so bad. Hell, I visit it at least three times a week, and prefer it over any other fast food option around here. So I did my part, dammit! But it was a backdoor stock thing, and the Thomas relatives are pissed
  • It just seems like everyone is just tired of this whole politics explosion. Podcasts, The Daily Show. Can we have a new president yet, daddy?
  • I should call my father…
  • As proven, most recently this past Friday in a ring, I am a different person entirely with a mask on..
  • This guy wants to do a story on me? Really?
  • I’m horrible with birthdays and the like. What would sister Sorg like this year?
  • It is obvious to me that my interests vary greatly from many of my friends…
  • If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend the Artist Point. It’s not pretty, or real professional, but these guys are starting out and have some really good conversations about art and the like. I can’t wait to see where it goes.
  • Last week, I heard the G Spod and Awful Show both feature a Vagina Water Park song in their shows. Including an interview on the latter show. Weird.
  • My weeks have become and odd categorized thing lately. You get through these days to get to those days of supposed rest or catching up, only to find that it doesn’t happen, so you wait to get to those days again. A vicious cycle.
  • Miss Papuga is stirring the pot, alright!
  • So interesting that Pod Friend and a newly introduced Hip Hop colleague know each other. Small world.
  • I can’t wait to have another “Drunk Sorg on the Porch” show on BlogTV…stay tuned.

Well, that’s all my lubricated ass has for tonight. Be back with more sense to make change with later….

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