I suck at Legos.

legosWell, not at Lego Indiana Jones.  No one can suck at that game.

But as I grew up, I wasn’t one of those kids who was “great” with the Legos.  I was the kid that made what was on the box.  I didn’t tend to get creative with my Lincoln Logs either.  Maybe it was the specialized sets of Legos.  Maybe I was bothered by the color selection of my blocks.

When I was young, I spent a lot of time at my mother’s work, in it’s variouis iterations.  She was a computer drafter.  So I suppose this was my first seeds in the technology crazy I ended up being.  I loved watching the huge plotter move back and forth as she printed her blueprints for houses, electrical systems, who knows.   I knew I wanted to work in this fashion.

But I sucked at Legos.

So I got into video games.  Tearing apart and rebuilding part of computers.  Something called social media.  Videos.

But I didn’t know what houses would have looked like without the same colored blocks.

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