I remember wrestling

I remember staying up late for Saturday Night Main Event with my dad
I remember Orndorff and Hogan in the big blue cage
I remember the photo finish tie
I remember that “everyone had a price”
I remember Roddy Piper’s gift on the mic
I remember Jesse Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon calling some great moments
I remember all of the wrestling videos at the Video Shelf
I remember the Big Event and the Most Unusual Matches
I remember Brutus Beefcake’s cool pants
I remember Honkey Tonk and Greg “The Hammer” having a single I never heard of
I remember the Mega Powers exploding
I remember No Holds Barred being awesome?
I remember Ultimate Warrior beating the immortal Hogan
I remember Sgt. Slaughter turning on his country
I remember someone being called the “Real” World Champion by Bobby Heenan I hadn’t heard of yet.
I remember being so mad Ric Flair won the Rumble and the title
I remember the Flair/Savage “scandal” with Elizabeth’s pictures
I remember knowing all of the words to “I’m a Real American”
I remember falling out of wrestling because I didn’t have cable

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