I remember the TV Times

I remember the excitement of the “new season month”
I remember when there was nothing new on between April and September
I remember when Saturday morning premiers seemed to be an event.
I remember the lineups being advertised in two page spreads in my Top Dog and Heathcliff comic books
I remember Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
I remember Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestling
I remember Mr. Fuji singing to Land of 1.000 Dances
I remember Captain N and the Gamemasters
I remember hating the talking Game Boy
I remember Super Mario 3 and World, and no Captain Lou Albano
I remember Fraggle Rock as a cartoon
I remember that weird one where Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky fought crime

Feel free to add your own to this thread in the comments, or come up with your own “I Remember” articles. just let me know, like Miss Papuga did

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