I remember the movies of old…

I remember being slightly scared of Ghostbusters, and loving it
I remember going to opening night of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a 3 screen theater and it being sold out.
I remember seeing the second one and becoming a Vanilla Ice fan
I remember seeing all three Care Bears in the theater, most with my grandmother
I remember wanting to see Robocop instead of one of them
I remember being grossed out by Robocop when I did see it on video
I remember Transformers and Go Bots on the big screen
I remember He-Man meeting his long lost sister
I remember He-Man being something different on screen with Courtney Cox
I remember seeing Disney movies and it being actually special
I remember Sleeping Beauty in the long gone theater in my hometown
I remember the excitement when they built a new 8 screen theater to replace the 3 screen
I remember going back and how small it seems now

4 thoughts on “I remember the movies of old…

  1. I remember how frighted i was when i first saw the Dilophosaurus blind and attack Wayne Knight.

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