I remember Star Wars

I remember watching the trilogy at various points on TV
I remember having two Star Wars toys: Luke and an Ewok
I remember seeing a Millennium Falcon at a Goodwill I always wanted
I remember being really confused by the movies
I remember thinking the eye monster in the trash compacter scene was a “Jedi”
I remember getting past Mos Eisley once on Star Wars NES
I remember Empire Strikes Back finally getting beat with a Game Genie
I remember Playing Dark Forces for the first time and being immersed to be in the universe for the first time
I remember Star Wars re-release in the theater
I wish I would have made the rest of them
I remember going to Episode 1 after work at the country club
I remember dozing off during the middle touchy feely scenes
I remember my dad dozing off at the same place when I went back to see it

Stupid Jar Jar…

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