I remember Christmas

I remember the train set nailed to a white board
I remember the little town we would setup in the middle of the tracks
I remember trimming the tree and the sweet Snoopy ornaments that I think mom made (hey mom, remind me if you did in the comments. I know you read this)
I remember going to Christmas Eve Mass, with the candle light singing
I remember going caroling one year with the church. That was fun. And cold.
I remember the nativity set with the “real” grass stuff that got everywhere
I remember every year getting up in the morning for presents under the tree, then driving to Pittsburgh for dinner at the grandparents’
I remember the “Santa’s Store” they had at school where I could buy my gifts for everyone with ten bucks
I remember lots of projects with construction paper and Elmer’s glue that I always got everywhere
I remember when Christmas made me feel warm and fuzzy

2 thoughts on “I remember Christmas

  1. yes mike your right and how did you know i read these. you have the sentimental ones the brings a happy tear to my eye

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