I Need a Break

My blogging has been on the light side, for sure. It’s been a hectic time, for sure.

I’ve had some friends tell me I need to stop and play some video games. It’s kind of hard when you have the deadlines that you know won’t get done if you do that. Then again, some of these deadlines might not get done anyways. On top of that, I’ve been making some moves since the beginning of the year to “move on” with some things.

Hopefully after the next couple weeks, and a few days in New York City to blow off some steam that’s been building off for far too long, I’ll be back at it. In the meantime, I’m doing what needs to be done to keep things going (WMS, WPAJ Interview, CRAPCast, etc.) and they’ll be reposted here. These are the things I can’t let go because, while they’re more work, they provide some personal relief I need (and some real accomplishment, y’know, for the inside.)

But I’m definitely looking for some advice, and some guidance.

How do you blow some steam? Deal with the day to day? Just get a chance to let go in the hectic lifestyles we live.

Drop a comment.

One thought on “I Need a Break

  1. for me games are the way to go. i just wish there was somewhere i could go to rent again instead of buying but there isn’t anyone close to me.

    usually when it gets to be too much i’ll also turn on history or discovery channel… or Welcome Back kotter DVDs

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