I Hope AT&T Loses the iPhone

death-star-att-1I’m on AT&T and I don’t have a problem with it.  I’ve had my share of service hiccups and bad customer service, but who hasn’t.  I don’t know a single wireless carrier where I haven’t met someone who has issues with their service.  Two have Twitter/text issues with Sprint.  T-Mobile has no 3G in Pittsburgh.  Verizon shuts my internet off for no reason (thus not getting my FIOS business). AT&T’s customer service sucks.  Even their store attendees hate it.  (but I have a great experience with their stores, and thankfully, have the Apple Store at my disposal).

But I want some choice.

As I’ve already had some issues, and amazingly, we’ve had AT&T in our household since it was AT&T the first time circa 2003, we’re about due, I suppose.  So when that day comes, and something goes down with our account that I can no longer tolerate, It would be nice to bring my phone to a comparable service.  What if a misunderstanding happens where  they claim I owe them obscene charges for text messaging or data that I’m unaware of.  What if, like Leo Laporte, they’re foreign “counter” doesn’t work and I still go over my allotted time and data?  I don’t have Laporte money.  I guess I also don’t travel to China…

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