How not to use iBurgh

As many know, this iBurgh app from the people that brought us the YinzCam at the Penguins game, is the latest forward thinking measure letting you take a picture of a pothole, grafitti, or other public annoyance, and send it, geotagged, directly to the city of Pittsburgh’s 311 system to get fixed…

Since iBurgh has gotten some press as of late, so I thought it would do good to the public to present a few ways you should consider NOT using the service…

  • Take a picture of Luke Ravenstahl and note “Fix It!”
  • Take a picture of City Council and note “Fix It!”
  • Taking pictures of PNC Park and note “Fix It!”
  • Take a picture of Troy Polamalu and note “Fix It!”
  • Take a picture of Mark Madden noted “stop breathing in the mic!”
  • Take a picture of Chachi and ask “Who let him in?” or “Where’s his pants”
  • This one goes to @JanePitt: Stop taking pictures of pigeons as city issues.  You’re flooding the 311 department.

What other ways should we be avoiding abusing this service?

PS.  Curious about YinzCam and iBurgh?  Check out the Podcamp Session for more.

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