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I have been a user of Hootsuite for a few years now. It has been an interesting relationship.  As I started working with a few clients and needed to better manage my multiple accounts for Podcasts and my business  it made sense.  Hoot suite is still helpful for, if nothing else, the auto scheduler that helps me not push a ton of tweets at one time when I’m doing stories for AwesomeCast.

But more and more, it is losing it’s luster. Twitter and Facebook have done one of two things that have broken this workflow to do social media right.

Facebook has the algorithm.  The ALL MIGHTY ALGORITHM!  This temperamental machine driven gatekeeper between you and your audience (that has already liked your page, btw) is its preference. To that effect, it makes more sense to put your videos directly to Facebook (until the next thing, of course).  If you use a Hootsuite or other cross posting app, you are just dropped on the totem poll of things important to your audience to see in their News Feed.  But they have really expanded capabilities to schedule, so it’s not so bad.  Except if Facebook is only one part of your Social Media plan.

Twitter has been bringing a lot of the tools you want in house.  I’ve noticed the preference to not only work in Twitter instead of Tweetdeck (my other Social Media “command center”) but drive me to make sure I’m interacting on the app on my phone.  Twitter has been integrating GIF search and now stickers to it’s app.

So now, as a Social Media manager for your company or your client, it’s time to assess, where should I be working from.  What solutions have you come up with?

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  

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