Get the Flackle Out.

Turkeybowl '09-17
"I thought YOU were bringing the hot chocolate!"

Saturday was the annual YinzBowl II.  You would be greatly served to check out the pictures here, and especially, here.  Already, I’m working on my strategy to being on the winning team for next year’s YinzBowl III.

  • Just because a fellow is 6’9″, doesn’t mean you can keep up with him, as was the case with Mikey.  That guy has soft hands.
  • If a guy shows up with his jersey from the semi-pro football team, try to be on his team, and expect the tackle option every time.
  • Never underestimate a guy in a Browns jersey.  His soul has already been crushed, and his desperation is profoundly impactful on the field.
  • They “Losing your Wind” and “Howling Banshee” plays have proven to be ineffective tactics.
Turkeybowl '09-94
Always alert. YinzTeam '09.

*Used photos by robjdlc

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