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This week, we had a lot of conversation about new things you could be trying on Basic Sorganomics. Using Social Media for your event, using your iPhone for your project, and Social Media consistency.  We look for our tips to get better at these tools before us, and sometimes we have problems when they don’t cooperate for new projects.

Tech mid-AwesomeCast 257Everyone wants the golden ticket to figure out how to get a million followers and sell their wares.

The answer is to do it.  And get experience.

You’re not a marketing person.  You’re not initially a seasoned  on screen or on microphone personality.

I talked recently about doing this Podcasting thing for ten years.  And realize that maybe I can start considering myself some sort of expert at this sort of thing. And challenged the listeners to think about what if the thing they started today lasted that long.

In the words of the great poet Macklemore:

The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint
The greats were great cause they paint a lot

How much are you painting?

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