Friends of a Feather

It is always a pleasure to see one of my friends take up something cool. And lately, I have been treated to a few of my friends doing so with the blogging world. And the results are pretty good.

Thoughtful Nature of Man. This is the blog for Will aka emcee lb, aka DJ Lunchbox.
It got off to a slow start, but he’s been really into it. the latest gem has been his series of Pittsburgh Bloggers vs Pittsburgh Newscasters. Fantastic stuff.

Chachi Says. This guy started his blog maybe a week or so ago, and already has something of a following. And with good reason. He’s put it out there on Twitter, and he really has a good format. Yes, much of it is ramblings on the mundane issues of life, but he is really good at expressing them in interesting ways. The “Chachi Says” at the end of each blog as a wrap up is a nice touch.

Cloud Envy. Doc Remedy just started up his own blog. Just started, but just the introduction, and explaining just the name shows promise.

Silent Ninja. My brother has never been one to express himself. (except through some entertaining facial expressions) But even his April Fools was pretty interesting. And now I know the ins and outs of what’s new at Wendy’s!

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