friday5: Post-Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 Edition

Once again, Miss Papuga has done a Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 version of the Friday5 over at the newly established OMGPittsburgh site.

1. What was one thing you learned at PCPGH3 that you didn’t expect to learn before the conference?

SEO. I didn’t expect to delve into it as much as I did. Hadn’t it been for a chance meeting with Mike Munz at the Meet N Greet, I might not have.

2. Podcamps are notorious for inspiring creativity and generating ideas. Did a potential project spring up for you as a result of PCPGH3?

I had an idea that may be outside my technical expertise, but also determined to start the PCPGH3 Cast to post sessions, and hopefully, new content from Pittsburgh New Media to literally keep the discussion open. Aside from that, just general overhauls on all of my current projects.

3. Who is one person you met (out of the many, surely) that has moved into your Reader/RSS feed, and why?

Mr. Munz and ShoutYoungstown. The latter is teaching me that Youngstown is not as scary my childhood news watching led me to believe..

4. What didn’t you get out of PCPGH3 that you wish you would have? (Session, info, topic, etc.)

I actually didn’t go in with expectations (read: I didn’t look at the schedule too much in advance) But felt I learned topics that I didn’t originally intend on. It felt light on monetization, but maybe I just attended the wrong sessions.

5. What social media goals have you set for yourself to achieve before PCPGH4?

Just to have more developed of a plan for my projects than the “seat of our pants” style we’ve been doing for the last two years.

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